Promotional Strategy - with plastic as well as the man-made...

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Promotional Strategy Our promotional strategy will take place inside malls at major cities, in our target areas. We will place ads on the side of public transportation, signs placed on the side of bus stops and billboard signs on the highway, a few weeks before our promotion starts. The advertisement will have a picture of our product along with our slogan, “Blue Mountain is Nature’s Fountain” With the statement “Come taste Nature’s fountain Saturday XXXXXXXX through Saturday XXXXXXXX”. We will advertise that free samples will be available. The advertisement will have the prices of our various sizes of our water; our product is placed in eco-friendly bottles; for just stopping by you will receive a coupon for a free case of water. Our display will be of a mountain 10 feet high with water flowing down it. It will collect in a pool at the bottom and be recalculated to the top. The mountain stream will be lined
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Unformatted text preview: with plastic as well as the man-made lake. The lake will be contained in a huge plastic tub. We will have professional landscapers landscape the display to transform it into a life like mountain landscape. We will provide samples to prospective customers form one of the five liter bottles that are attached to the water dispensing units. There will be no water sitting on the tables waiting for someone to drink it. The samples will be handed out fresh. We will have employees walking around the area where the display is handing out the free coupons for the free case of water. Having the five liter bottles with the dispensing unit on display will give the consumer a chance to see these units before they buy one or tell their office manager about them. Business cards will be printed up and handed out to any customer who is interested in one of these units....
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Promotional Strategy - with plastic as well as the man-made...

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