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Target market - We also are going to target the children...

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Blue Mountain Spring Water has noticed an increased growth with the 65+ age group. If we want to keeps this trend going in an upward motion we have to expand our marketing outside of our existing area. Our company will have to start a concentrated marketing strategy in these southern states. Our strategy is quite simple we will place our product on the shelves of the local pharmacy. We performed data mining on three of the biggest pharmacy’s in the south, Walgreens’, Rite Aid and CVS and found that the majority of their customers are in our target group. When a prescription is filled, the doctor recommends that the patient starts immediately taking the prescription. Our strategy is to provide each elderly person who picks up a prescription a bottle of our water at half price. By doing so our product will become a house hold name.
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Unformatted text preview: We also are going to target the children ages 5 to 13 with our “Junior” size bottles. These bottles will have a variety of cartoon characters on them. They will also be able to be placed in lunch boxes or bags. The active teenager market is also a huge area for us to explore. With more teenagers getting involved in sports and be more active, they will need to replenish their fluids. We will have poster with the detail information on why it’s healthier to drink water instead of soda after a sport’s activity. These posters will also have a web site where they can go and receive all the information on why water is so important. We will also continue to market to our biggest group, the active consumers between the ages of 18 to 49....
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