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1. + I 2. + F 3. - F 4. N 5. N 6. + I - I 7.Acquisition of building for cash N 8.Issuance of common stock for land + I 9.Collection of note receivable (principal amount) + F 10.Issuance of bonds X 11.Issuance of stock dividend N 12.Payment of property dividend - F 13.Payment of cash dividends + F 14.Issuance of short-term note payable for cash + F 15.Issuance of long-term note payable for cash - I 16.Purchase of marketable securities (“available for sale”) - F 17.Payment of note payable
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Unformatted text preview: X 18.Cash payment for 5-year insurance policy + I 19.Sale of equipment N 20.Issuance of note payable for equipment- I 21.Acquisition of common stock of another corporation N 22.Repayment of long-term debt by issuing common stock X 23.Payment of semiannual interest on bonds payable- F 24.Retirement of preferred stock- I 25.Loan to another firm X 26.Sale of inventory to customers X 27.Purchase of marketable securities (cash equivalents)...
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