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Chapter 8 Problem 31 (depreciation allowed or allowable) Problem 40 (cost recovery) Problem 45 (MACRS and section 179 expensing) Problem 50 (listed property: automobile) Problem 51 (listed property: not automobile [GVW]) Problem 58 (start-up costs) Problem 61 (intangible drilling costs) Chapter 9 Question 6 (determining auto expenses: actual cost versus automatic mileage methods) Question 20 (application of cutback rule)
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 40 (moving expenses) Problem 41 (education expense) Problem 48 (partially reimbursed expenses) Chapter 10 Question 7 (medical expenses) Question 20 (charitable contribution: benefit received) Question 23 (charitable contribution) Problem 24 (medical expense deduction and reimbursement) Problem 46 (allowable itemized deductions)...
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