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16. a. The stock purchased by Corey was subject to taxation three times. The first time is when IBM earned the funds. The second was when the dividend was distributed to Olive Corp. The final time was when the dividend was distributed to Corey. b. Relief is provided in the tax law under the dividends received deduction which depends on the amount of shared the holder owns.
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Unformatted text preview: c. There is nothing in the tax law that completely eliminates the effects of multiple taxation. 31. The tax results are different. Tracy can deduct all of her share of the loss, but Marvin cannot because their deduction depends on qualified producing income activities and W-2 wages paid by Rojo Company. 48 a. B b. N c. N d. I e. C f. C g. B h. B i. I j. I k. C...
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