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Review illustration capsule 10.1 concerning General Electric's management team. Identify the four key elements that support General Electric's efforts to build a talent-rich stable of managers. Has this approach proven to be successful? Explain. One of the key elements is the management training plan that transfers managers within different areas of GE. This practice allows managers to develop relationships throughout GE and familiarize themselves with different areas of business operations. This is a way to share best practices as they rotate throughout the company. Another element is the high level of training provided at their corporate training center. The 3-week training
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Unformatted text preview: sessions focus on GE Six Sigma quality training and bring together managers from different business units, departments and parts of the world so they can share their ideas and experience. One key element comes from their Six Sigma quality training is the ability to use workout sessions to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control improvement opportunities within their business practices. Another key element is the ability to attract and maintain strong manager in key positions, GE looks for individuals that have the four E’s - energy , ability to energize, has an edge, and can execute their initiatives ....
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