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If your management strategy includes the following three things, you’re well on  your way to better performance:   1. Establish clear goals:  What does average performance look like? What about  above average? What about below average? You must define and get agreement  on these standards in advance in order to have an effective and fair management  strategy.  2. Establish clear rewards:  What benefit do your employees get by performing  well? Are they constantly being reinforced for the little things that they do  correctly? Rewards need to be timely and consistent in order to produce positive  results.  3. Establish clear consequences:  What consequence is there for poor  performance? What happens if someone performs poorly for several months? 
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Unformatted text preview: Consequences also need to be timely and consistent in order to produce strong results. You as a manager will not need to spend a lot of time with your staff if you can master the three simple techniques listed above. The idea is to make the rules the bad guy and you as the manager the good guy whos cheering them on to better performance. The rewards and consequences are clear so the use of threats, guilt and nagging are irrelevant. Your job changes from that of a nag to that of a supportive but firm coach. This strategy is aligned with the axiom, goals begin behaviors, and consequences maintain behaviors....
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