MAN372WA3 - Cultural and Ethical Differences 1 Cultural and...

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Cultural and Ethical Differences 1 Cultural and Ethical Differences Thomas Baker September 12, 2010 MAN-372 Professor Cheryl Toops
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2 When conducting international business, it is extremely important for business representatives to be aware of different cultural and ethical beliefs and behavior. After all, behavior which might be considered normal in an American boardroom could be radically different to behavior expected in Saudi Arabia or China. As a result, failure to understand foreign business practices and customs can create insurmountable barriers to successful business relations. Conversely, taking a little time to learn these cultural and ethical differences can reap rewards and help build strong business relationships. Ethics on a global scale relates to morals, the treatment of moral questioning, and acting in a morally correct, honorable way or manner. However, business ethics provides the guidelines with regards to acceptable behavior by organizations in both their strategy formulation and day to day operations. Businesses and organizations have thus realized the importance of ethical standards necessary for global corporate success and maintaining or achieving a positive global image. (Hill) The increasingly high trend of globalization has lead to a fast changing environment of doing business. Day by day diminishing boundaries perform lucrative prospects for companies to expand internationally. However, to be successful and achieve desired results on foreign markets, a number of new factors have to be taken into account. Recently considered as waste of
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MAN372WA3 - Cultural and Ethical Differences 1 Cultural and...

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