Mar301step1FP - Blue Mountains bottling facility may...

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Blue Mountain Spring Water SWOT Analysis Strengths Blue Mountain’s talented founders understand the product and target market due to their technical  and marketing experience. Blue Mountain has achieved increased distribution at several levels in its regional market, while  consistently increasing annual revenue. Our company has no debt and is poised for significant growth. An   unlimited   water   resource   and   a   self-contained,   state-of-the-art   bottling   facility,   ensures  excellent quality control. Weaknesses Blue Mountain’s founders may lose sight of the company’s business scope as it expands. Blue Mountain is relatively unknown outside of its regional market. Expansion could potentially create cash flow problems and require additional employees.
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Unformatted text preview: Blue Mountains bottling facility may require physical expansion when sales eventually exceed capacity. Opportunities Blue Mountain should look at adding to its current product line. Blue Mountain needs to expand into new geographical markets. Blue Mountain needs to reach out to new demographics. Growth could happen with expansion or acquisition. Utilizing the Internet for additional sales. Threats Potential aggressive competition from a large market. Limited exposure outside regional market. Contamination of their spring. Lower priced larger suppliers already in market....
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Mar301step1FP - Blue Mountains bottling facility may...

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