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Study Guide Exam 1 - Name the leukocytes and identify the...

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BIO211 Study Guide for EXAM 1 Know the site of formation, target and primary function of the hormones. What are the hormones produced by each of the major endocrine glands? Compare anterior and posterior pituitary. Know the zones of the adrenal cortex and major hormones produced. How are blood calcium levels regulated? Discuss the hormones involved in diabetes mellitis and insipidus. Compare Addison's and Cushing's diseases. Compare cretinism and pituitary dwarf. Discuss the binding of the hormone to the receptor. Follow the pathway of lymphatic fluid. What are the formed elements in blood and discuss their primary function. Compare serum and plasma. Discribe the structure and function of hemoglobin Describe the process of blood cell formation and what factors are necessary for their production. What is the function of the spleen? Compare the types of anemia. What is polycythemia, leukemia, Thalessemia, and sickle cell?
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Unformatted text preview: Name the leukocytes and identify the most abundant. Class as granulocytes or agranulocytes. Which cells are phagocytes? What are the components of plasma ? Know the role of prothrombin and fibrinogen in coagulation. What are the blood types and which types can be received for transfusions? What is the significance of knowing the Rh type during pregnancy? What are lacteals? Discuss the dual role of the thymus gland in lymphatic system and endocrine system. Discuss the inflammatory response. What is histamine? Define interferon and complement and antigen. Describe the classes structure of an antibody. what is a memory cell? What is the function of a T-cell. Discuss the role of Tcells in HIV infection. Be able to classify the types of immunizations. What is a hypersentivity? List the types....
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Study Guide Exam 1 - Name the leukocytes and identify the...

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