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Title: The Sword in the Stone Author(s): Nancy Bond Source: The Horn Book Magazine . 76.6 (Nov. 2000): p664. From Literature Resource The SWORD in the STONE T.H. WHITE's Magical Story of Young King Arthur What a hard choice! Although admonished not to choose my favorite book, I must certainly choose one of my favorites--a book I loved as a child. My father read it aloud to me when I was maybe ten or eleven. Then, in the way of children who read, I read it to myself several times more. So there I am, breaking one rule, and here I am breaking another: I suppose technically it isn't a children's book at all--T. H. White's The Sword in the Stone , the book he wrote in the 1930s about the Wart, who, at the very end--or, as White says, "THE BEGINNING"--is crowned King Arthur. This book is about his childhood in the Castle of the Forest Sauvage, in a most marvelous England, populated by middle-aged knights, enchantresses, the giant Galapas, Robin Wood and Marian, a Questing Beast, boars, hedgehogs, hounds, wyverns, and ancient retainers. This book is about the Wart's education, and about his life in the castle with his guardian Sir Ector, his foster
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