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Analysis: Chapters 14–19 King Pellinore’s discovery of the sick Questing Beast in this section satirizes the futility of the knightly quest and makes such quests seem endearing. Hunting the Questing Beast is not only Pellinore’s mission in life, but also the mission of his entire family. His discovery of the sick beast, however, demonstrates that he does not really desire to accomplish this goal. Rather than kill the beast and bring the Pellinore dynasty to its final triumph, Pellinore nurses the beast back to health so the chase can continue. In doing so, Pellinore seems to be a somewhat ridiculous figure, more interested in the sense of purpose that the quest brings to his life than in actually accomplishing this purpose. It is hard, however, to fault him for his tenderness toward the creature. As silly as it is for him to keep on hunting when he could finally end his mission, it would be heartless for him to slay the ailing, heartbroken beast. It is interesting too that the bumbling Pellinore, usually so shy and maladjusted, seizes control of the situation here and
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