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S ENG4U ISP CHAPTER 1-4 - Analysis Chapters 14 To fully...

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Analysis: Chapters 1–4 To fully understand The Once and Future King , it is necessary to immerse ourselves in the story’s fairy-tale world; White enables us to do so by having his narrator drop in helpful background details and history. We can deduce the personalities of the Wart, Merlyn, Sir Ector, Kay, and King Pellinore from their actions and conversations, but we need to be told everything else explicitly. Bits of history and small details, such as what wine Sir Ector and Sir Grummore are drinking when they converse, are given. The narrative remains seamless, and the novel never feels more like a history book than a work of fiction. White takes great liberties, nonetheless, in telling us all he thinks we need to know. He does not want us to stumble or to only partially understand the story’s time period. To some readers, the story that White is telling is very familiar, since it is a retelling of the traditional tales of medieval England with a modern touch. White’s novel is part of the Arthurian
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