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ENG4U ISP CHAPTER 22-24 - Kay's desire to attend the...

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Kay's desire to attend the tournament in London reflects his desire for fame and the cultivation of his reputation. According to him, "anybody who does not go for a tournament like this will be proving that he has no noble blood in his veins." He feels that he must "have a shot" at the sword, or people will say "Sir Ector's family was too vulgar and knew it had no chance." When he arrives in London, he is even more egotistical, offering the Wart a shilling to fetch his sword, as if he is the Lord of a manor tipping a carriage-driver or servant. The greatest display of his need for fame occurs when he lies to his father by claiming that he (and not the Wart) removed the sword from the stone. In these final chapters, as in the rest of the novel, the Wart is a direct contrast to his brother. While Kay worries about impressing the public in London, the Wart cries over the announcement of Merlyn's departure. Kay frets over appearing noble at the tournament, while the Wart pulls the sword from the stone without any understanding of his impending greatness. Also note that Kay
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