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The Wart is conspicuously absent from most of these chapters, allowing White to focus instead on the atmosphere and setting of the land that he will one day come to rule. White's nostalgia for a bygone, legendary, "merry England" is apparent throughout these chapters: feudalism, eating with one's fingers, and even the weather (which "behaved itself") are cast in the soft light of sentimentality, not unlike the way that many Americans think back on a mythical 1950s. Of course, the Middle Ages (and the 1950s) were not exactly the way they are portrayed in literature, but White is more interested in warming his readers' hearts than in offering them a realistic view of medieval life. The boar hunt, for all of its excitement, is the most violent passage in the novel, and contrasts greatly with the merrymaking of Ector's feast the night before. Worth noting is the fact that Twyti, a professional hunter, is bored by his occupation and feels trapped in his role; without realizing so, he is very much like one of the ants in Chapter 13. His desire to hunt for hares
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