POLISCI MIDTERM - Elements of politics Social process...

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Elements of politics Social, process, conflict, binding decisions, enforced What is the state? Territorial community Centralized governing authority Sovereignty o Monopoly of legitimate violence o Who gets to decide Aristotle's two questions 1. Who rules? a. One, few, many 1. In whose interest a. In the ruler's interests b. In the interests of the governed What is power? The ability to produce results Influencing others behavior Power can take several forms What is authority The right to command The right to punish those who disobey Is state authority justified State of nature: Hobbes Why do we need a state? o A thought experiment o Imagine life without the state and political power What Hobbes claims Worst scenario: no state protection Power state is needed to avoid disastrous interpersonal conflict Main premises: human nature Three reasons to attack Competition: gain Lack of trust: safety Glory: reputation Laws of nature One: Seek peace if you can get it Two: Lay down natural rights, if others do too Three: Perform your covenants Why we need a state: inconveniences: Locke Problem: administration of justice Conflict about the law of nature Some lack power to enforce law of nature State of nature: Locke A state of peace Equality
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Law of nature Natural liberty Rousseau on human nature Desire for self preservation Pity or compassion for the suffering of others How change happens in the state of nature
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POLISCI MIDTERM - Elements of politics Social process...

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