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351_quiz2_s - ECE 351 Quiz#2 S M L L9 1 Whatisagate...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 351 Quiz #2 S M+L L9) 1 Whatisagate primitive? '7 - ' ' W a: paec‘lefimeai Uéifl 2. What are the two ways of Connecting Verilog modules? ’Lfiifi by Po? {1% by MW ( g/fia 3. Draw a schematic of the circuit described By the following Verilog module: module [A,B,C,Y,D); input A,B,C,D; output Y; wire n2,n3,n4,n5; not U1[n3,C); “'— xor U2 [n2,A,B); r and U3(n4,A,C]; —~ nand U5(Y,n4,n5); and U4(n5, D, n2, n3); endmodule ...
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