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ECE 351 Quiz #4 (solution) 1. What are the semantics of the following Verilog code: XYZ #(1,22) ABC(); A module XYZ is instantiated with the first two parameter values in the module template overridden by the values of 1 and 22. 2. Explain the difference between ports in modules and ports in tasks. Ports in modules are used for interfacing signals; ports in tasks are used to pass values
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Unformatted text preview: 3. How many bits are in the return value for the following function? function [8:0] abc; input = [7:0] A; begin Abc = A << 1; end answer: 9 4. What is the assignment delay for the code below? `timescale 10us/1fs assign #22 A= B*C; answer: 220 microseconds 5. What two keywords are associated with parallel blocks? Fork and join...
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