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ECE 351 Quiz #5 1. (2 points) Briefly define the term timing closure . Timing closure means a design meets all timing requirements. 2. (3 points) One way to manage complexity in a design is to separate the control path from the data path. What is the purpose of these two paths? The data path operates or processes input data The control path provides the necessary command, control and status signals needed by the devices in the data path. (In other words, the control path contains the control points)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. (3 points) Describe how a FSM can implement a control strategy. Each FSM state output is a control point. As the FSM processes inputs it makes state transitions. The sequence of state transitions generates a sequence of control points for the data path. 4. (2 points) Why is it good practice to have a reset strategy? Devices in both the data path and the control path must be initialized properly. The reset strategy defines what get’s initialized and what that initial state is....
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