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</head><body bgcolor="white" text="black"> <p><font size="5"></font></p><font size="5"></font><center><font size="5"> FSM Homework<br> <p>(THIS IS A 2-WEEK ASSIGNMENT DUE NOV 20TH)</p></font></center> <p></p><center> <img src="coin.gif"> <p></p></center> <p><font size="4"><u> I. Introduction </u></font></p><font size="4"><u></u></font><u></u> <p><font size="3"> The purpose of this homework assignment is to implement a soda machine. The cost of the soda is 75 cents. Your machine will accept quarters, dimes, and nickels. As the user feeds coins into the machine you will need to keep tract of how much was inserted. Once you have collected at least 75 cents, you will release a soda. To simplify this homework assignment you will not be required to give out change. There are five inputs to the system and one output. They are as follows: </font></p><font size="3"><ul type="disc"> <li> <b>Enable:</b> basically acts as a on/off switch. When signal is low the circuit is "off"</li> <li> <b>RST:</b> it will clear the accumulator (adder) and reset release
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