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m2a10 - ECE 320 Prof Clymer Midterm Exam 2 48 minutes...

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ECE 320 Printed Name: Prof. Clymer Write the Honor Code Pledge here: Midterm Exam 2 November 19, 2010 48 minutes Signed: Please WRITE OUT the Honor Code Pledge: “No aid given, received or observed,” and sign your name on the exam before your turn it in. DO NOT OPEN THE EXAM BOOKLET UNTIL THE BELL RINGS! During the exam, no devices are permitted that facilitate communication with another party (e.g. cell phones, and other wireless electronic communication devices including laptop com- puters). Students may not leave the examination room without permission of the instructor (who will be sitting near the door of the room) and while out of the examination room, no student may discuss any part of the examination with another party (except the instructor or TA) either in person or through an electronic communications means.
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ECE 320 Midterm 2 – November 19, 2010 2 1.) (30 pts) For the circuit shown on the left below, it is known that the pnp transistor operates in normal active mode. ( I DC is a dc current source.) Prof Clymer
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