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ME 581 Assignment #3 In the following questions show the derivations that you used to write your program. 1. Write a subroutine to solve the general linear least problem normal equations: } { ] [ } ]{ [ ] [ b A c A A T T = using Cholesky’s [ L ][ L ] T decomposition. The input to your program is matrix [ A ] and a vector { b }. 2. Use the subroutine that you wrote in question #1 to find the equation of a parabola that would best fit the equation ) sin( ) ( x x Y = in the interval from x = 0 to x = π . Calculate an estimate of the error between the parabola and the original function using the norm of the residual (error) vector divided by the total number of points. 3. In quantitative analysis in spectroscopy we are given the spectrum of 3 pure substances as: 1 i A , 2 i A and 3 i A where ij A is the amplitude of the spectrum of substance j (absorbance or reflectance) at wave number i , where i = 1 to n , where n is the total number of points in a spectrum. Suppose we have a mixture of those substances and we measure the spectrum of the mixture i b . Find the proportions of each substance in the mixture (use the subroutine that you wrote in Question #1).
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