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Nathan Ellis October 26, 2004 Chapter 11 Outline AP History 1. Federalists and Republican Mudslingers a. Adams and Jefferson were the presidential representatives b. Each party had problems with the other, which led them to dissuade anyone of voting for the opposing candidate by stretching the truth and making them sound bad 2. The Jeffersonian “Revolution of 1800” a. Jefferson won the presidency in 1800 b. Jefferson and Burr got the same amount of votes c. Eventually Jefferson won the vote in congress because of a few Federalists who did not vote d. Jefferson considered this a revolution comparable to 1776, however the only thing ‘revolutionary” about this election was the peaceful manner it was completed in 3. The Federalist Finale a. John Adams was the last federalist president b. The Federalists disappeared completely in the days of Andrew Jackson c. The Federalists proved to be what the country needed in that specific time period, but the developing country grew out of Federalism. 4. Responsibility Breeds Moderation a. Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated on March 4, 1801 b. Jefferson was consistently inconsistent – he was forced to take abck many of the political principles he made beforehand. c. Being the first party overturn in American history, citizens were afraid that Jefferson would grab all the spoils of office for his own party. d. Jefferson did nothing of the sort, and was very fair politically wise and showed unexpected moderation e. As Federalists faded, so did Democratic-Republican unity 5. Jeffersonian Restraint Helps to Further a “Revolution” a. In 1802, congress passed the new naturalization law. This act reduced the unreasonable requirements of the Federalist’s 14 years of residence to a requirement of only five. b.
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Chap 11 - Nathan Ellis Chapter 11 Outline AP History 1...

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