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Kevin Lin Project 2 Report 1. Obstacles: Nested if statements: Checking if minutes were between 250-500 and 500+ and proceeding differently for each case was tricky. Including <string>: When one uses string objects he must import this library. Formatting output: One had to learn to implement cin.ignore, getline(), and other methods of obtaining correct output. 2. Test cases: //Format is (minutes,texts, name, month) Minutes less than 400, texts less than 250(319,123,Kevin,1) Minutes more than 400, texts less than 250 (419,123, Kevin, 1) Minutes more than 400, texts between 250 and 500 (419,300,Kevin,1)
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Unformatted text preview: Minutes more than 400, texts greater than 500 (419,520,Kevin,1) Minutes negative (-30,200,Kevin,1) //produced output “The number of minutes must be nonnegative.” Texts negative (200,-30,Kevin,1) //produced output “The number of text messages must be nonnegative.” Name empty(200,200,,1) //produced output “You must enter a customer name.” Month not between 1 and 12(200,200, Kevin, 14) // produced output “Month number must be in the range 1 through 12....
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