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Unformatted text preview: SC1101E Semester 1 (2011 ­12) Tutorial 1 Outline Topic 1: Sociology – “Seeing & Doing” Topic 2: Culture & Socialization General Matters: 1) Warming up, getting to know one another. 2) Admin and logistics: attendance, class participation, consultation. 3) Expectations: Proactive Learning ­ ­think through readings and lectures, participate in IVLE Forum. 4) Tips on studying Sociology and on writing essays. Topic 1: Sociology – “Seeing & Doing” 1. What is Sociology to you? (What really is sociology?) 2. How can you apply the insights of sociology to your own life? Thinking Tips: i) How individuals interact with society. ii) How your Private Troubles are linked to Public Issues. iii) How Action vs Structure is played out in your life. iv) How Personal Choice interacts with Larger Structural Forces. 3. How do Durkheim, Marx, and Weber help you better understand society / the social issues we face? (Come to class prepared to share on TWO of the THREE perspectives ­ ­Guys read Durkheim, Girls read Weber, Everyone read Marx) 4. Which Methodology & Methods would you use for a sociological research on Youth Delinquency, Foreigners in Singapore, Prostitution, Pregnant Mothers. (break into groups and take ONE topic each) Topic 2: Culture & Socialization 1. 2. 3. 4. “We live out the culture we live in”. Comment on how your experience of socialization shaped/shapes the way you live and interact with culture. How do we explain both the persistence of culture and its change? Think of someone/group whom you believe is different from you culturally, and describe his/her/their culture. In what ways do you regard them as different? What are the limitations and perils associated with the idea of culture? Note: For all questions, the use of examples in support of arguments is always helpful. Wayne/TES Aug19, 2011 ...
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