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p2f10_exam1_topics_and_problems_student0 - Overview for...

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Overview for PHYS 1200 Exam 1 Sept 29, 2010 Examination 1 – Wednesday Sept 29, 2010 - 6-7 pm Conflict Exam – Tuesday Sept 28 at 5 pm in JROWL 2C06. Extra time/special needs students –6 pm Wednesday in JROWL 2C14. Last minute review by Persans – Monday 6 pm, room TBA Structure of test – A) 45 points MC (15 problems @ 3%) B) 35 pts short answer (5 problems @ (4+3) pts), C) 20 points multipart problem Examination room assignments: Extra time/special conditions – JROWL 2C06. 1, 2 (Dwyer, Chen) – JROWL 2C06, 14, 22. 3,4 (Stoler, He) – DCC 337 5, 6, 7 (Persans, Liang) – DCC 318 9, 10, 11, 12 (Trinkala, Alamuru, Gu) – DCC 308 Key Topics Topic Sub-topic HW problems, Activities, Lecture Worksheets, iClickers Review questions
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21 22 Coulomb's law and vector forces 0 pts P21.09 x and y components on charge at corner **P22.13 3 particles. Find vector sum of forces for a particular point. Activity 1 – Field and potential due to two charges Q21.01 Where will field be zero between two charges? Q20.05 Force on particle due to charged shells. Q21.06 Magnitude and direction of net force on charge due to rectangle of charge. Q22.03 Two charges. Where is field zero? Q22.04 Two square arrays. What is net field at center? Q22.05 Two charges. Compare fields. Which way do they point? Q22.11 Field due to disc or ring. 24 Potential and Fields 10 pts ***P24.11Find potential for a nonuniform spherical charge distribution. P24.30 field at a distance from line of charge P24.47 energy of particle after it moves in field Activity 1 – review of fields Q24.02 Square array of charges. Rank potentials.
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p2f10_exam1_topics_and_problems_student0 - Overview for...

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