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p2f10_exam1A_24feb10 - PHYS-1200 PHYSICS II EXAM 1A NAME...

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PHYS-1200 PHYSICS II NAME____________________ EXAM 1A Feb 24, 2010 Exams for each section are given in the rooms listed. If you are in the wrong section, move to the right one immediately. Circle your section number below. Section Instructor Exam Room 1 Stoler DCC 308 2 Dwyer JROWL 2C14 3 Stillman DCC 330 4 Giedt DCC308 5 Schroeder DCC308 6 Wilke DCC 308 7 Trinkala DCC 324 8 Stoler DCC 308 9 Trinkala DCC 324 10 Dwyer JROWL 2C14 Extra time JROWL 2C14 The total number pages in this quiz, including this cover page, is given in the footer. Check now to see that you have all of them. Place your name on every page. This exam should start promptly at 6:00 pm and end promptly at 7:00 pm . Time management is important. If you are unclear on any question, ask a proctor. Clearly place letter and numerical answers in the spaces provided for Parts A and B. Credit is only given for the correct answer with correct units. You are permitted a single 8 ½ x11" sheet for notes. Use of any other materials will result in a zero for this examination. You may use a calculator for math functions. Collaboration on this exam will result in zero grade and letter to the Dean of Students for all students involved. To receive credit on part C you must show adequate work to justify your answer . Show your work logically and neatly. Some useful constants: 7 0 2 12 2 2 9 2 0 4 10 1 8.9 10 /( ) 9 10 4 0 for free space. T m A Nm C N m k C  CREDIT GRADE PART A 45 PART B 35 PART C 20 TOTAL 100 page 1 of 7
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PHYS-1200 PHYSICS II NAME____________________ EXAM 1A Feb 24, 2010 A. Multiple choice (3 pts each) – Select the (one) best answer to each question. ____A01) Two light bulbs are wired to a battery as shown below. Assume that all wires and switches are perfect conductors. When the switch is closed, the current through light bulb A: A) increases, but is not infinite. B) decreases, but is not zero. C) remains the same. D) is zero. E) is infinite. _____A02) Points R and T are each a distance d from each of two unequal charges as shown (drawn imperfectly). The magnitude of the work required to move a charge q from R to T is closest to: A) 0 B) 2 / kqQ d C) 2 / kQ d D) / 2 kQ d E) cannot be found without knowing the path
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