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Nathan Ellis AP History October 28, 2004 Chapter 12 Outline 1812 War of 1812 – America invaded Canada with a poor war plan and strategy 1813 America won the major “Battle of Thames” 1814 10,000 British troops gathered to defeat NY, but America won 1814 Another battle at Chesapeake happened. 4,000 redcoats invaded and set fire to most the public buildings. 1814 Another British blow to New Orleans menaced the entire Mississippi Valley 1814 Americans met in the Belgian city of Ghent to make a treaty under Tsar Alexander I, ending the war of 1812 1815 Small American troops defeated large British troops of 8,000 men in New Orleans 1815 Group of 26 men met in complete secrecy for three weeks to discuss grievances of federalism. This was called the Hartford Convention 1816 Congress passed the first tariff in American history instituted primarily for protection called the “Protectionist Tariff 1816 James Monroe is nominated for the presidency by Republicans 1817 An agreement between Britain and the US limited naval armament on the great
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