p2f10_exam2_topics_with_HW problems

p2f10_exam2_topics_with_HW problems - Topics Distribution...

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Topics Distribution for PHYS 1200 Exam 2 Fall 2010 Chapter and Topic (approx pts on test) Subtopic Related HW problems and Activities Review problems 15.01-15.04 Oscillating and harmonic systems (3) Simple Harmonic Motion (force law, displacement, velocity, acceleration) Q15.01 Acceleration vs time plot Q15.02 Acceleration and position equations Q15.06 (9) Springs - Natural frequency, Potential and Kinetic energy in SHM P15.15 Mass-spring oscillator P15.28 Energy in mass-spring oscillator P15.31 Energy in mass spring system P15.36 Conservation of momentum and energy in mass-spring collision Activity 10 – mass on spring 16.01-06, 16.09-10, 16.12-13 Mechanical Waves Equation of a traveling harmonic wave (amplitude, wavelength, frequency, traveling speed, P16.07 Phase difference between wave at two points P16.08 Given equation of position, find speed, wavelength, frequency, transverse speed… P16.21 Given graph and some parameters, find other parameters Activity 13 – Wave movie flip book
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p2f10_exam2_topics_with_HW problems - Topics Distribution...

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