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PHYS-1200 PHYSICS II EXAM 2 March 23, 2007 PART A . (40%) Each question is worth 4%. In the space provided, to the left of the question number, write the letter corresponding to the best answer to the question. ___ 1. A particle is in simple harmonic motion with period T . At time t = 0, it is at its amplitude. Which is the first later time when it is furthest from the equilibrium point? A. 0.5 T B. 0.7 T C. T D. 1.4 T E. 1.5 T ___ 2. A charged capacitor and an inductor are connected at time t = 0. In terms of the period T of the resulting oscillations, what is the first later time at which the energy stored in the electric field of the capacitor is a maximum? A. T /4 B. T /2 C. 3 T /4 D. T E. None of the above ___ 3. Which equations can be used to show that magnetic field lines form closed loops? A. 0 ε q a d E = D. dt d i a d B E Φ + = 0 0 0 μ B. 0 = s d B E. None of these C. dt d s d E B Φ - = ___ 4. Which of the following relationships between the acceleration a and the displacement x of a particle involve Simple Harmonic Motion? A. a = 0.5 x B. a = 400 x 2 C. a = - 20 x D. a = -3 x 2 E. x a 14 . 3 = ___ 5. Take the speed of sound to be 340 m/s. A thunder clap is heard about three seconds after the lightning is seen. The source of both light and sound is: A. moving overhead faster than the speed of sound. B. emitting a much higher frequency than is heard C. emitting a much lower frequency than is heard. D. about 1000 m away. E. much more than 1000 m away. ___ 6. Select the incorrect statement. A. Ultraviolet light has a shorter wavelength than infrared light. B. Blue light has a lower frequency than x C. Radio waves have longer wavelength than gamma rays. D. Gamma rays have higher frequency than infrared waves.
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s07exam2_phys2 - Activity 17 Oct 29/30 2007 PHYS-1200...

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