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p2f10_worksheet_lecture_12_matter_waves - p =2000m e have...

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Name_________________________________ Section____________ PHYS 1200 Lecture 12 Student Worksheet: Matter Waves h =6.6x10 -34 J-s; m e =9x10 -31 kg 1) Write down the DeBroglie relationship between momentum and wavelength. 2) Estimate the wavelength of an electron moving at 100 m/s. 3) Estimate the wavelength of a pea (m=10 -3 kg) moving at 100 m/s. 4) An electron and a proton (m
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Unformatted text preview: p =2000m e ) have the same kinetic energy. Which one has the greater wavelength? Explain your answer to your neighbor. 5) The wavefunction for a particle is shown below as a function of position. Sketch the corresponding probability distribution as a function of position in the box. Mark where the particle is most likely to be found with “ML”....
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