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Debt Crisis Infects Companies via Surging Cost of Bank Loans: Euro Credit Banks in Spain and Italy are curbing loans and charging customers more as aftershocks from the sovereign debt crisis drive their own borrowing cost higher. “They can’t lend what they don’t have, I suppose,” said Francesc Elias, the owner of Bomba Elias , a pumps and filters maker near Barcelona , which shelved a 100,000-euro ($144,000) plan to open a Bahrain office when it couldn’t get an affordable bank loan . “The banks are very clever about finding new ways to charge us more.” Spanish and Italian government bond yields surged to euro- era records this quarter as Greece struggled to avoid default, driving the cost of insuring against nonpayment by the region’s banks to a record and making it harder for them to sell bonds. Spain pays 5.35 percent for 10-year money, up from an average of 4.07 percent in the first half of 2010, while Italy pays 5.65 percent compared with a 4.05 percent average last year. As a result, banks such as Banco Santander SA (SAN) , Spain’s biggest lender, are passing higher funding costs on to their customers. Santander’s return on Spanish loans rose to 3.63 percent in June from 3.37 percent in December, as the yield it pays on deposits fell to 1.32 percent from 1.54 percent. UniCredit SpA, Italy’s biggest lender, said on Aug. 3 it’s being more selective about who it lends to and levying higher rates. One out of three companies asking for credit in the second quarter period didn’t get it or obtained less than they asked for, according to Confcommercio, an Italian retailers’ lobby group. ‘Increasingly Stringent’
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W5_Bloomberg_2011_09_20 - Debt Crisis Infects Companies via...

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