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World politics Economics Culture Blogs Multimedia Print edition Aug 27th 2011 | from the print edition Alternative indicators Behind the bald figures Receding hairlines and other signals of where the economy is heading A FEW weeks ago The Economist invited readers who enjoy our Big Mac index to help invent other quirky economic indicators. We received many suggestions for different products with which to calculate exchange rates at purchasing-power parity, ranging from Coca-Cola and bottled water to mobile-phone charges and taxi fares. But given recent financial jolts, we were more interested in ideas that might help to show where the economy is heading. Many readers already have their pet indicator—sometimes literally. A vet claims that his business leads the economic cycle by as much as six months, because when times get tough pet owners are quick to cut back on vaccinations and non-essential surgery, such as neutering; they also delay getting a new dog. A reader from the
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W5_TheEconomist_08_27_2011_BigMac - Alternative indicators:...

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