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MOVIE REVIEW: THE NOTEBOOK “Behind every great love is a great story” This is quoted in the movie “The Notebook”, with this we can easily know what is in the movie. This movie is a portrayal of an everlasting love between two individuals. This movie was based with the novel with the same title which was written by Nicholas Sparks. This novel was Sparks’ best seller and has garnered strong wind of praises and awards. Then this was adapted into a movie which had been directed by Nick Cassaveta and lines written by Jan Sadi and Jeremy Leven. The acts truly showed that true love never dies and it endures forever. SETTINGS: The first scene of the movie was in a nursing home where an old man was reading a book to an old woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, the memories appears and disappears as the man continues to read. Then the other settings in their life story were shown during their teenage years in a carnival at Seabrook Island, South Carolina and others are in the settings of World War II era. CHARACTERS: There are two main characters in the movie; ALLIE NELSON - as a teenager, was a fit, petite girl from a wealthy, upper-class family. She was very smart and ambitious throughout this story. In her elder years, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and could not remember her husband, children and her life. NOAH CALHOUN - was an outdoorsy type of guy, who spent his free time canoeing, or hiking with his three-legged dog. He was a very big, muscular guy with broad shoulders and rough hands. He was described with eyes that could tell a haunted past. He was very determined, independent, and romantic. THEME: The main theme of The Notebook is that strong love never dies, it endures forever. It is shown through Allie and Noah's feelings for each other. They were in love when they were teenagers, and were separated for 14 years, and still in love. Allie's love for Noah was strong enough to overcome the money she would have with Lon. CONFLICTS: There are two major conflicts, one in present time, and another being described as past time. The first conflict, in present time, is that the old lady, Allie Nelson, has a disease called Alzheimer's, in which she cannot remember her past or anything that just happened. Her husband, who she knows as a random guy who reads to her daily, tries to help her remember who
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he is, and their story of their lives by reading her a book they wrote of their childhood up to their adulthood. Unfortunately, it takes her a very long time to actually remember, and that recollection only lasts for a short while.
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