R_and_D_2 - Nathan Ellis BI123 Kent Kersey Box#621 1 Where did Jesus carry out'much of his work In the synagogue 2 What part of Jesus ministry

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Nathan Ellis BI123 Kent Kersey Box #621 1. Where did Jesus carry out 'much of his work'? In the synagogue 2. What part of Jesus' ministry caught the imagination of the people? Why? His teaching caught their imagination because his messages were totally new. 3. What were the two polarized opinions about Jesus and his teaching? Either as one with real authority, or as an imposter and a cheat. 4. What were the two distinct teachings of Jesus that caused a sharp division among his hearers? His status as God’s son, The Messiah, and the teachings of the Kingdom of God 5. How many times is the term 'Messiah'/'Christ' used in Mark? Only 7 times 6. How often is the term 'Son of Man' used in Mark? 14 times 7. What term did Jesus use for himself more often than any other? “Son of man” 8. Does the term 'Son of Man' refer only to Jesus' human nature? No, it can also be described as “coming in clouds with great power and glory”, or “seated at the right hand of the power of God” 9. What is the 'messianic secret'?
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