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MGT393H5S - Lecture6 - office-Good chance of suing them for...

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Tort Negligence - Duty of Care - Breach of Duty There can be multiple defendants for a single plaintiff Fire, Insurance Company (Fire) Right of Sublimation – suing on my behalf as a n insurance company. Methane gas as garbage ‘In addition or in the alternative’ (Strict Liability) – dump is not a natural use of land and there is an escape of gas Building under construction (concrete going up, no windows, Next Door, another building (flat roofs, rain and water goes down the pipe) Windy day, garbage from the side building clogs the rain pipes and water soaks into the
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Unformatted text preview: office.-Good chance of suing them for negligence-Breached ‘Strict’ Liability Occupier’s Liability Nuisance Assault (Threat of Violence) Battery False Imprisonment Malicious Prosecution -Criminal law system to harass someone, no real belief that they committed the crime Deformation (there has to be some sort of publication) -Spoken (slandered)-Writing (liable) Breach of Fiduciary (Trust type relationship) -Fiduciary (have a scope of exercising the power)-Unilateral-Beneficiary (vulnerable)...
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