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Final_Exam_Self-Evaluation - Final Exam Part II Due in the...

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Final Exam Part II Due in the “Final Exam Self-Evaluation” Dropbox by Sunday December 20 @ 10:00 am Self-Evaluation: 2-3 pages double-spaced in essay format (1 inch margins all around) 40 points Often in the working world, employees have to do self-evaluations that inform their annual or bi-annual review, and this practice is becoming more and more widespread. Managers (and instructors!) can't possibly remember everything you accomplished/didn’t accomplish throughout the semester. By asking you to provide input into your own review, it reminds your boss about the things you’ve achieved; in addition, there are probably aspects of your job/work that you weren't as happy about, or places where you wished you’d performed better. You can address all of these in your self-evaluation. Reflect back over the semester. Has your idea of writing for the business world changed? Have you changed as a writer, when the context is more job-oriented?
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