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ProComm 300 Hoftyzer In-Class Final study guide 1. What is the formula for a claim letter? What info goes in each section? 2. What information goes in a formal report introduction? 3. What are the primary and secondary goals for negative news letters? 4. Why buffer the negative news? What are three ways to do it effectively? 5. What goes in an executive summary? 6. What is the formula for a negative news letter; give an example of what might go in each of the sections? Explain the importance of using this formula. 7. What four things can you do to make recommendations most accessible?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Articulate and describe the 3 causes of legal liability in negative news letters. 9. Your colleague Dustin is writing his first business report; identify and describe three tips about how to draw report conclusions to help him be successful. 10. Describe 4 ways to organize information in reports and give examples of each. For the revision section of the exam, I also strongly suggest that you review the Writing Skills PowerPoint from the second day of class ....
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