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Intercultural Group Presentation Length: 20 minutes Points: 50 Due: On your assigned day Assignment: Give a twenty-minute group presentation, using PowerPoint, that explains how you would market a product abroad. The product might be anything, including a service or a product of your own creation, but ideally it should not now be sold or available in the country. In the course of your presentation your group should address all of the following topics: A brief description of the country, including a map; An explanation of how your product would appeal to cultural attitudes and tendencies of
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Unformatted text preview: the countrys people; A justification for either transporting the product into the country or manufacturing it there if materials and labor are available; A recommendation for a location of a regional sales center; A few tips for conducting business with the local companies/governments. Evaluation Criteria: 1. The case you make for the cultural match (i.e., why the product fits the culture) 2. Your knowledge of the country and its customs; 3. Your overall organization; 4. Your ability to work together as a group....
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