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ProComm Neg News Letter - Negative News Letter Points: 25...

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Negative News Letter Points: 25 points DUE: Purpose: To familiarize you with the types of negative news that organizations typically need to convey; to provide practice in using the indirect organizational pattern; to provide practice in developing sound reasons and clear explanations for negative news; to develop skill in choosing words precisely in order to apologize effectively, convey the proper tone, and maintain goodwill. Assignment: BWH discusses bad news patterns in correspondence on pages 116-8 and refusal letters on 454-7. Respond to one of the exercises on the Problems handout. You don’t need to provide enclosures, but indicate them as necessary in your letter. Please use your own name as the author of the letter. Evaluation: In grading, I look for clear and concise language, a demonstrated understanding of the conventions of this type of letter (the ability to avoid legal problems in your writing, strategic use of passive voice), appropriate tone, and carefully proofread prose. There is also some room for creativity. Make up necessary details and think about how your letter looks on the page. Have fun with letterhead design.
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Problems for Negative News Letter Problem 1 Request Refusal In an aggressive expansion effort, Jamba Juice became a good customer of your software company. You have enjoyed the business it brought, and you are quite fond of its products – especially Banana Berry and Mega Mango [or your personal favorites] smoothies. Jamba Inc. is in the midst of expanding its menu with the goal of becoming the Starbucks of the smoothie. “Just as Starbucks defined the category of coffee, Jamba has the opportunity to define the
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ProComm Neg News Letter - Negative News Letter Points: 25...

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