Sequence of Events - W 10/21 Memos In-Class Activity M...

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Sequence of Events W 9/2 Intros/Syllabus M 9/7 LABOR DAY – NO CLASS W 9/9 Beginning Business Writing What are some of the characteristics of Business Writing? What have your experiences with Professional Communication been? M 9/14 Cover Letters and Résumés READ: BWH 39-42, 473-90 W 9/16 Workshop on Cover Letter and Résumés BRING: 4 copies of your cover letter and résumé drafts M 9/21 Presentations, Being a good audience member READ: BWH 393-402, 311-13 DUE: Final Cover Letter and Résumé W 9/23 Effective group work; meet with new group members; go over group-work assignments READ: BWH 81-83, 417-38 M 9/28 Library Presentation with Research Librarian Short Reports W 9/30 Corporate Profile Presentations M 10/5 Corporate Profile Presentations W 10/7 Corporate Profile Presentations DUE: Collaborative Project Proposal M 10/12 Intercultural Discussion
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W 10/14 Intercultural Discussion In-class Activity M 10/19 Memos/Short Reports In-Class Activity READ: BWH 325-27 DUE: Corporate Profile Presentation Evaluation Memo
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Unformatted text preview: W 10/21 Memos In-Class Activity M 10/26 Memos Workshop BRING: 3 copies of Memo 1 and Memo 2 drafts, including visual illustration DUE: Collaborative Project Annotated Bibliography W 10/28 MIDTERM EXAM M 11/2 Intercultural Presentations; Groups DUE: Memos 1 & 2 W 11/4 Intercultural Presentations; Groups M 11/9 Intercultural Presentations; Groups DUE: Short Report W 11/11 Parts of Formal Reports READ: BWH “Title Page,” “Executive Summary,” M 11/16 NO CLASS; Progress Report Meetings W 11/18 Claim Letters/Negative News Letters M 11/23 Report Wrap-up W 11/25 Work Day DUE: Claim Letter and Negative News Letter M 11/30 In-Class Workday (attendance will be taken) W 12/2 Final Group Presentations M 12/7 Final Group Presentations W 12/9 Final Group Presentations M 12/14 In-class Final Exam DUE: Collaborative Written Research Report W 12/16 DUE: Group Evaluation Memo Due (via email to me) Sat. 12/20 DUE: Take Home Final Due...
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Sequence of Events - W 10/21 Memos In-Class Activity M...

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