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Department of Economics Fall 2009 LeBow College of Business Economics 301 Drexel University Professor Stehr Presentations Instructions Students will form groups and present an industry case study to the class. The presentation should use economic concepts to explain the structure, conduct, performance, and future direction of the industry. In the structure section of their presentation, students should explain the composition of firms in the industry and the types of products offered. The conduct portion of the presentation should explain what strategies firms employ as they compete with one another and interact with their customers. In the performance section of the presentation, students should determine whether the industry contains any market failures: are consumers getting what they want at a price close to
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Unformatted text preview: marginal cost? Could less or greater government intervention in the industry improve the outcome? Lastly, students will discuss the future of the industry. Will new technologies shake up this market? Will it be more or less profitable than it is today? Do you anticipate a changing role for government intervention in this industry? The criteria for evaluation will be correct use of economic concepts and clarity of presentation. Rather than a paper, students must turn in an electronic copy of their slides on the day of their presentation. The course syllabus contains further information regarding the deadlines and points associated with the presentation. Students with a major in the college of business are encouraged to up upload their slides into their MyLifeFolio....
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