Syllabus, COM 270-007, Fall Term 2010-2011

Syllabus, COM 270-007, Fall Term 2010-2011 - COM 270-007...

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COM 270-007 Clifford W. Keevan, Professor COURSE SYLLABUS COM 270-007, Business Communication Drexel University Fall Term 2010-2011 Course: COM 270-007, Business Communication Course Description: This course is designed to help you improve your business writing skills, which are a critical part of communication in the business, non-profit and government sectors. To help you succeed in the business world, you will learn a variety of business standards, expectations and formats. Primary emphasis will be placed on creating diverse types of letters (for both North American and international audiences), memos, resume packages, proposals, and long and short reports. In addition, you will prepare e-mails, faxes, instant messaging, blog postings, summaries, and news releases. Major emphasis also will be placed on helping you develop strong job interviewing skills, and a greater understanding of how job applicants are evaluated in today’s candidate selection process. Course Schedule: Classes meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 12:00 PM – 12:50 PM in Room120 in Randell Hall in the Main Building, located on the corner of 32 nd and Chestnut Streets Text: P. Kolin , “Successful Writing at Work”, 9 th edition (do not buy the 8 th edition or the condensed version of this text), Houghton Mifflin Instructor: Clifford W. Keevan, Professor Contact Information: Home: 484-288-8549 E-mail: [email protected] [email protected] Office Hours: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY in the Culture and Communications Department, located in the PSA Building at 33 rd and Powelton Streets. Home Teleconferencing Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30-5:00 PM. In addition to the weekly homework assignments, there will be a series of unannounced, mostly in-class writing assignments. EXTRA CREDIT assignments also are available upon request. Revisions: You may revise two assignments. The original and revised grade will be averaged to determine the new grade. However, not every last detail needing
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improvement may be identified; hence the revised grade may not be higher. However, you will never get a lower averaged grade . When submitting a revised assignment, you must attach both the original graded assignment and the revised one . Calendar/Topical Outlines: Week 1 – September 20, 22, and 24 Monday, September 20 Introduction to Course/Writing Process/Importance of Business Communication Weekly Reading Assignment : Read Kolin, Chapters 1-3; Wednesday, September 22 Writing Letters: Some Basics for Audiences Worldwide Weekly Reading Assignment: Read Kolin, Chapter 5; review Exercise #7, the Ms. Granedi letter (North American Model), on page 190-191, and Exercise #9b, the Mr. Wong letter (Asia-Pacific Model), on page 192. If you don’t have Kolin, copies of these
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Syllabus, COM 270-007, Fall Term 2010-2011 - COM 270-007...

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