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The Kim's Dry Clearing House 3900 Chestnut Street. Philadelphia, PA 19104 215-760-5656 October 2, 2010 Chen Lu Customer Relations Department Sumsung Prodcuts Boston, MA 93141-0654 Dear Mr. Lu: On September 15,2010, We purchase a Sumsung industrial Dry Clearing Clothing machine, model 1213432, at the Albany store in NewYork, for $100000. In the last two weeks, our Dry Clearing shop has had repeated problems with this machine. Twenty-three more moneths of warranty remain on the unit. The machine does not complete a full cycle; it stops before the final rising and leaves the clothes dirty. The cycle regulators are not working properly because they refuse to shift into the next necessary gear. Attempts to repair the machine following by Operating Manual on September 24, and have been unsuccessful.
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Unformatted text preview: The Dry Clearing House has been greatly inconvenienced. Our Dry Clearing tem has been forced to sort, clean and sanitize Jackets, pants and suits by using old machines, resuting in additional overtime. Moreover, our expenses for water and electricity have increased. We want your main office to send repair crew at once to fix this machine. If your crew is unable to do this, we want to exchange for a new Sumsung dry clearing machine with a reasonable discount rate. This would come to around 10 percent of the original purchase price. So that our business is not further disrupted, we would appreciate your resoling this problem promptly within the next week. Sincerely yours, Wentian Su Manager...
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