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Drexel University Course: Applied Econometrics Course #: Economics 350, Sections 501 Syllabus Instructor: Professor Karanta Kalley. E-mail: kk336@drexel.edu Phone Cell: 215-680-3721 Course Meetings: Mondays Matheson: Room: 210 Course Hours : 6:00-9:50 PM Office Hours: by appointment . Course Objective: Gain an understanding of the process of econometrics. Gain an appreciation of the application of econometric methods to economic problems Learn the classical econometric assumptions and what happens when each of these assumptions fails. Interpret means, coefficients, variances, standard errors and other statistics associated with regression analysis. Construct and interpret statistical hypothesis tests, particularly those commonly associated with econometrics. Determine the significance, both statistical and economic, of econometric results. Course Overview: Applies statistics to economics, with emphasis on the special problems of statistical analysis of economic data, sources of data, and examples of applications and models. Covers forecasting the impacts of changing economic policy and of developments in
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TentativeSyllabus_Econ3501 - Drexel University Course:...

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