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Wentian Su Prof. Lisa Farley English 101 section 302 Eassy3-Draft 2 11/19/08 A Little Man’s Communication with Environment Global Warming is a natural phenomenon. According to a scientific record, the world temperature has increased a lot since 1980. High world temperatures will bring many negative consequences, such as an unbalance distribution of water, iceberg melts, and an increase in sea- level. These results not only damage the ecological system, but also effect the human living environment and food supply. The main reason for the cause of Global Warming is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide destroys ozone layer and causes many changes to the weather. Carbon dioxide comes from the burning of energy. When factories burn the oil or coal to operate, it emits the carbon dioxide. Schueneman states in his article, “Agreement Reached in Overtime Sessions at Bali Climate Conference,” that the 190 countries signed an agreement at Bali climate conference in 2007. The contract indicated that countries should decrease amount of carbon dioxide emits to atmosphere. The contract wasn’t only making by the United Nation that functions between countries in the world, but also was making one by my high school teacher who functions on a small school campus. Mr. Burn was my high school English teacher in the American International School of Budapest. He surprised me on first day in his class. We chatted with each other about random things. From our conversation, I found out that he graduated from Harvard University. This piece of information made me curious about goal of his life. “Mr. Burn, why did you choose to become a high school English teacher here? I mean, you
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graduated from Harvard University, you might get another jobs with a higher salary?” I asked him. “That’s true, but I love living in Hungary. Hungary has a better air index compared to other
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Eassy - Wentian Su Prof Lisa Farley English 101 section 302...

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