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Luke DeGrossi Aristotle’s views on friendship and superiority In Nichomachean Ethics , Aristotle explains that there are different levels of love and friendship, respective to different levels of superiority. Aristotle says that “there is a different form of friendship that goes along with superiority” (pg. 152). I agree with his position because it is quite apparent that the relationship between someone of great power and someone of lesser power is extremely different. For instance, the relationship between man and God is not going to be the same as men between men. However, I do not agree with his stance on love in these relationships. Aristotle claims that “the better one, or the one conferring a greater benefit, ought to be loved more than he loves” (152). I disagree with this view because if this were true, then that would mean that a father should not love his son as much as a son loves his father. I believe Aristotle has mistaken respect with love, because it is true that someone who is “superior” should be respected
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