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Luke DeGrossi Augustine and the Impact of One’s Decisions in Life Throughout Augustine’s student life it is fairly apparent that his lack of faith combined with his poor decisions contribute to his saddened state of mind. In “Book III”, Augustine speaks of how “truly miserable” (77) he was. I believe that his choices are a clear reflection of the way he felt. On page 77, Augustine says, “I loved feeling sad and sought out whatever could cause me sadness”. It’s quite clear that Augustine is fairly depressed from his actions and feels terrible about the way he has been acting. I think that his apparent depression is a result of his poor choices as an adolescent and as a student. As an adolescent, he confessed to various sins such as stealing and being a bad child. As he moved onto Carthage, he “was held spellbound by theatrical shows full of images that mirrored his wretched plight and fueled the fire within him” (76). Augustine was basically basking in his own sorrow and doing things which would “move him to tears”
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