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Music article RP3

Music article RP3 - Luke DeGrossi Music In his article...

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Luke DeGrossi “Music” In his article, “Music”, Allan Bloom shares some of his opinionated, contradictory, and farfetched ideas about music. I disagree with his stance and I believe that music can have beneficial aspects, as well as negative ones. However, Mr. Bloom fails to looks at the positive and simply stays fixated on the negative. Allan Bloom begins his article by speaking of the youth’s adoration for music as he calls it “their passion” (68). He talks about today’s generation and continues to talk about how they “live for music” (68). A few pages later, Mr. Bloom goes on to crush these individuals’ beliefs and compares their lives to “nonstop, commercially prepackaged mastrubational fantasies” (75). I think Mr. Bloom is fairly presumptuous towards the matter at hand and is overly pessimistic. It is a known fact that people can listen to rock music without compromising their futures. However, Allan Bloom sees it differently. Allan Bloom sees music as some sort of evil obsession that cannot be
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