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PHYSICS 309L, TEST 1, SPRING 2010 1) A person is creating a standing wave in a cylinder that is open at one end and closed at the other end. The height of the cylinder is 50 cm. What is the wavelength of the fundamental standing wave? Given the speed of sound, 340 m/s , what is the frequency of this wave? 2) A skipper on a boat notices wave crests passing his anchor chain every 4 s .He estimates the distance between the wave crests to be 16
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Unformatted text preview: m . What is the speed of the waves based on his estimates? 3) A bat ying in a cave emits a sound and receives its echo 0 . 2 s later. How far away is the cave wall? Use for the speed of sound, 340 m/s . 4) By what distance must two charges of +4 C be separated so that the repulsive force between them is 3 . 6 10 10 N Coulombs constant k = 9 10 9 Nm 2 /C 2...
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